Our Agency Accounts Process


Share with us your wishes. We will introduce you to all the details and set foundations before signing a contract.


You will have access to ad Accounts through the Facebook BM. We will send you an invoice for the deposited ad spend.


You can launch your ads and start selling right away. We’ll provide detailed instructions to maintain stable ad accounts.

Follow Up

If you need higher limits, just let us know. We’ll increase your account limit so you can scale as much as you need.

A New way to scale your Business

We know the pain with Advertising Accounts

Are you struggling with advertisement accounts? Don’t worry, we have the Best solution for you. We are a Meta (Facebook) Marketing Partner. Our team is updated with the latest advertising trends and we participate in the biggest marketing conferences around the world. We have built trust with several satisfied clients, such as Alex Fedotoff, the eCommerce scaling genius. If you want to scale your business with a stable Agency Account, contact us below or book a free consulatation via Calendly.

Our Agency Accounts

Below you can find screenshots from just a few of our clients. As you can see, they use Agency Accounts to spend several millions of Euros and consequently scale to infinity.

Agency Account Partners

About Us

Meta Partner

We are a Digital Marketing Agency who is an official Meta (Facebook) Marketing Partner.

We Provide Support

We offer free consultations and support anytime during the weekdays.

No Risk - Money Back Guarantee

You can transfer money with Paypal, Wise or other secure ways of payment. If you are not satisfied with our service we will refund your funds.

Our Clients

Our clients are Digital Marketing Agencies, Dropshippers and other Media Buyers who want to advertise with stability and with unlimited spend. At your request, we can connect you directly with any of our clients to prove the quality of our service.


  • A wonderful team that has provided us with accounts for all our scaling needs.

    Alex Fedotoff
    CEO of AF Media
  • We are a dropshipping company and their Agency accounts have worked very well for us. So far we have spent several 100k on it without any issues.

    Jame Smith
    CEO of Xstance
  • A great team, which has helped us a lot. When we got restricted, I thought it would all be over. But Kompetentnost have provided us a stable Agency Account that works. Even when restricted again, we got another account to work with, scaling has not been easier.

    Natasha Gordon
    CEO StimGim Agency
  • As a shopify dropshipper we run into account issues all the time. But with the Kompetentnost Agency Account we have gone from 0 to 300k in just a year. This is probably the best thing that has happened to us.

    Alan Cooper


Contact Form

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If our account gets disabled, what happens with the money?

    It is very unlikely that this will happen, however if it does, you will get a new account and all the funds will be transfered to it.

    What are your working hours?
    We are available during weekday from 9:00 to 16:00 CET (Central European Time).



    How does the process work?
    A contractor from our team of skilled advertisers will take you through all the steps mentioned above.


    What currency is the account in?

    The accounts use European currency, Euros – €.


    Are there any hidden fees?

    No, we are transparent about everything.


    How much are the fees?
    For monthly spend below 50.000€, the fee is 5% of the spend. Above that your fee is 3%.

    For new accounts you can deposit just 250€ to see if the accounts work for you.

    What am I allowed to advertise?

    Your advertising must be in accordance with Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, Google, Snapchat or others policies.

    Do you have Agency Accounts?

    Yes, why have you not contacted us yet?